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Stop Waiting! Start Growing!
Introducing the 'Abundant Garden Planning' Challenge

For Growers who have been planning their garden for years but have found that something is missing and are ready for 2023 to be the year they take charge by creating a garden plan that will bring abundance, without feeling overwhelmed or adding stress to their already busy day. 


During the 5 day Abundant Garden Planning Challenge I am going to show you how to break through the overwhelm, uncover a plan that will let you get things done in the garden even on your busiest day, and grow a garden of your dreams. 


March 15 thru March 19

You have big plans.....

To grow load of nutrient dense produce for your family

To spend time in your garden getting all the things done in your garden when they need done

To spend time with your family in the garden completely stress free

Home Grown Squash_edited.jpg

And it is all ready for you to jump in feet first!


Growing food for your family can feel overwhelming when you have a garden plan that lets you down. But that is not your garden plan this year.


I know what it feels like to walk out to the garden and think all is well but discover after a busy week that you didn’t get your lettuce harvested before it bolted and all that work and time has gone down the drain. 


That is why I knew I needed a change and I discovered that my garden plan needed more.


During this 5 Day ‘Abundant Garden Planning Challenge’ I am going to show you how to create peace of mind, uncover a system that works, and get clarity on all the task you need to create abundance!

Are You Ready?

Here is what we will be covering each day of the Challenge:


Day One

Time to Make a Change


Discover what is possible in your garden when add a touch of organization and break through a few old myths that are holding you back from abundance

March 15th


Day Two

Start with Your Seeds


Learn how to turn that list of seeds into an organization tool that will take the stress out of ordering your seeds year to year so that when you find something your family loves you will know exactly where to order more.

March 16th


Day Three

Grow More, How Much More?


Find out how to calculate the exact amount of produce you need for your unique family so you never run out before your next growing season.

March 17th


Day Four

Grow Seedlings to Save Time


Is growing seedlings right for you? It is time to find out how growing your own seedlings can help you not only save time but be more abundant!

March 18th


Day Five

Plan for More Abundance


You can grow more than just one crop per season. I want to show you how you can calculate succession planting or even companion plants so you can grow more without growing the size of your garden.

March 19th

When you sign up, You will get…..


Access to 5 workshops delivered right to your inbox so that you can work through the material even on the busiest of weeks.


Access to the ‘Abundant Garden Planning’ Workbook to help you keep on track and put everything you learn into practice.


Access to 3 unique databases designed to take the work out make your best garden plan yet.


Access to an amazing Live Workshop where I will show you just a few more tips, you can meet others just like you, and I will give you a tour of my personal 2023 garden plan!

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